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Department of Gender Equality, Denmark


October 22nd 2006
last updated January 27th 2007

The Department of Gender Equality has been set up under the Minister for Gender Equality and act as secretariat for the Minister. The Department is responsible for Government initiatives in the field of Gender Equality through co-ordination, development and implementation of the Governments policies. The Department advises the Minister and Parliament in matters concerning gender equality.

The tasks include:

  • preparation of legislation and administrative rules concerning gender equality
  • co-ordination of gender equality measures initiated by public authorities as part of the mainstreaming strategy
  • preparation of the annual report on gender equality for Parliament
  • implementation of the Ministers perspective and action plan
  • assistance to The Gender Equality Board
  • monitoring of the development in the gender composition of certain committees and boards included in the Act on Gender Equality
  • Danish representation in international fora

Minister for Gender Equality, Ms. Eva Kjer Hansen

The Minister for Gender Equality is responsible for the Governments overall activities in the field of gender equality. The Minister co-ordinates the gender mainstreaming strategy. Each Minister within their field of competence is responsible of integrating the gender and equality perspective in all policies and activities.

The Minister for Gender Equality is responsible for implementing the mainstreaming strategy, not only in relation to other ministries but also in relation to other parts of the public administration. Parallel to the mainstreaming strategy, the Minister lays down rules and guidelines for the gender equality work and initiates special measures to promote gender equality and equal opportunities.

Each year the Minister draws up a report and an action plan for gender equality. The yearly report is based on reports from local authorities and ministries and defines the governments priorities within the equality work in the following year.




With support from the European Community - Programme relating to the Community Framework Strategy on Gender Equality (2001-2006).The information contained in this website does not necessarily reflect the position or opinion of the European Commission.