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Office for Equal Opportunities, Republic of Slovenia


October 21st 2006
last updated January 17th 2007

Slovenia has been among the first new EU member states paying a great attention to gender and women’s policies. In June 1992, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia founded the Women’s Policy Office as a self-standing government body, a professional service responsible for the realisation of the rights of women guaranteed by the constitution, legislation and international treaties.

In 2001, the Office was renamed the Office for Equal Opportunities and as such continues to perform all the former tasks committed to integrating the principle of gender equality into government policy and to eliminating gender inequalities in all areas of life. Its basic tasks are:

  1. monitoring the position of women and the realisation of their rights guaranteed under the constitution, laws and international conventions;
  2. considering, in terms of gender equality, regulations, acts and measures adopted by the government and competent ministries, and to issue opinions and proposals prior to their adoption;
  3. participating in the preparation of regulations, other acts and measures prepared by ministries concerning the position of women and the creation of equal opportunities;
  4. issuing initiatives and proposals for action to the government and to the ministries;
  5. preparing gender based analyses, reports and other materials;
  6. promoting the equality between women and men through disseminating information and awareness-raising;
  7. discussing initiatives of non-governmental organisations;
  8. working in partnership with local, regional, national and international organisations in the area of equal opportunities.

Main areas of work are: gender mainstreaming; women in decision-making; employment and labour market; reconciliation of work and family/private life; violence against women; network of national and local co-ordinators for equal opportunities for women and men.

Since 2004 the Office for Equal Opportunities is responsible also for the co-ordination of non-discrimination policies, mainly co-ordinating the transposition of EU regulations related to the implementation of the principle of equal treatment, irrespective of a person’s race or ethnic origin, and on the general framework of equal treatment in relation to employment.




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