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The European Man a series of TV programmes

January 27th 2007
last updated January 27th 2007
Equality is not just about women. Of course, it is also about men. But the male side of the equality debate is not especially highlighted. In a series of 4 mutual European TV programmes of 30 min. each, we focus on ‘the European man’ and his role in the family, in the workplace and in the community at large. The European angle will be to the fore, and the programmes will examine differences and similarities between the countries
of Europe — and between European men. The Series is a continuation of a series of programmes on Nordic men.

The objective of the series of programmes about The European man is to present a fair picture of what it means to be a man in Europe today. There are considerable differences between the countries of Europe, and the advantage of a joint European series is that it will allow people to compare men’s roles in the different countries and thus benefit from one another’s experience, exchange good practices. In the long term, the objective of the series is to contribute to a less uniform description of gender roles in the media.

The target group is young and adults who are interested in the development of the community in which they live and operate and who wish to understand the nuances in the development that is taking place in the area of gender equality, behavioural patterns, attitudes, standards and values, in today’s community - both their own, and the European one at large.

This programme concept – The European Man – is a mutual European series coordinated by the European Broadcasting Union EBU and produced in collaboration with the public service station in Greece (ERT), Poland (TVP) and Finland (YLE) and Denmark (DR). DR is the main producer, but the programmes are produced in genuine fellowship, meaning that a mutual European editorial team is set up, which ensures a transnational viewpoint
for the programmes.

The programmes will be broadcasted on the national TV stations in all of the participating countries in 2007. In Denmark the programmes are due to be broadcasted from week 16, 2007.




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