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We present information on men, equality, and fatherhood in Europe.

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Three leaflets on men and paternity leave

January 27th 2007
last updated January 27th 2007

Debating fathers and paternity leave
The Department of Gender Equality of Denmark produced material that aims to raise the general awareness of men’s rights to paternity leave. This material include:

  • a leaflet with recommendations for fathers who want to take paternity leave. Included with the leaflet comes a music cd (2004)
Download the CD-cover (pdf)
  • a leaflet with good advise for companies and workplaces that wish to encourage more men to take leave. The leaflet is based on a survey conducted by the Danish National Research Institute on workplace culture and it's impact on men's decisions to take parental leave (2005)

Download the leaflet (pdf)
Download the report (pdf)

  • a leaflet debating obstacles to paternity leave in the workplace (2006)

Download the leaflet (pdf)




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