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Welcome to the website on European Fatherhood.

We present information on men, equality, and fatherhood in Europe.

The content is for professionals working in the area as well as anyone interested in the subject.




Tina Juhl

Tina Juhl, Psychologist, The Psychological and Psychosocial Research Unit, Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Denmark.

When Tina first came to work at the neonatal ward three years ago, most of the sessions she conducted were with mothers only. Today the father is almost always there too. If she has mother-only sessions today, it’s most often because the mother is a single mother.

At the Psychological and Psychosocial Research Unit at the Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Tina is currently working on the project: “Men’s Psychological Transition to Fatherhood”. This includes a survey on men’s psychological reactions to becoming fathers. This project also involves psychotherapy with fathers suffering from mood disorders related to parenthood. Tina Juhl is taking part in the ongoing project of establishing a European Network for the promotion of good fatherhood, in which capacity she has been presenting her work at different workshops and meetings on parenthood and gender equality. Tina Juhl has clinical experience in the field of parenthood through her work at different children’s wards at Danish hospitals. She is particularly engaged in working on improving fathers’ situation in the health care system – both specifically in relation to children’s illness and generally in relation to pregnancy, childbirth and fatherhood.




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