European Fatherhood
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Welcome to the website on European Fatherhood.

We present information on men, equality, and fatherhood in Europe.

The content is for professionals working in the area as well as anyone interested in the subject.




Eberhard Schaefer, MA

Eberhard Schäfer, MA is a practitioner working with fathers and expectant fathers.He works to render good practice into research, politics and society and is an advisor on good fatherhood:

To Eberhard the issue at hand is communicating. To him an enormous body of knowledge exists - about the benefits of including fathers and the issues of fatherhood in policymaking and organisational practices. This knowledge, though, is still scattered and fragmented between varying languages, nations and academic fields as well as  theory/academic discourse and practice. What is needed now is to make knowledge more accessible) through communication and the transfer of this communication into the structure of organisations. This structure must be the basis for improved understanding and action.

Eberhard wrote his M.A. Thesis on “The Men’s Movement in Germany”. Since 2002 He has been the Project Manager of the "Family Education for Fathers" project at "Mannege e. V., Information and counselling for men", Berlin ( has published books and articles on topics concerning fatherhood. He has been Chairman of the German Experts Network on Fathering (VEND e.V., since 2005.




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